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Church of St. George from Vzvoz, 1494

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In the old days, some of the Pskov streets overlooking banks of the rivers were called «vzvoz».

The Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language, commonly known as Dahl’s Explanatory Dictionary, provides the following definition of the word «vzvoz»: to step up, to go up, to carry something up a hill in a horse drawn vehicle or in a sledge, uphill, upwards, up, an ascent, a climb, a way up from a river or a bridge. There were several such ways up: St. George at the St. George Gates, Plosky (Flat) at the Ploskie (Flat) Gates, Lubyansky at Zapskovye (behind the Pskova river), opposite the Kremlin. A church, whose name includes the word «vzvoz», has survived until the present time. It is the church of St. George from Vzvoz. The location of the church near the Velikaya River is preserved thanks to the existing St. George Street, which follows its direction.

Church of St. George from Vzvoz, 1494

The stone church of St. George from Vzvov was built in 1494. In the XVI-XVII centuries it was mentioned in the Old Chronicles on several occasions. In the middle of the XVIII century the church had a side chapel in the name of St. Peter the Metropolitan and a stone belfry. The domes were covered with aspen shingle, and the wooden crosses — with tin. The iconostases were carved, wooden and gilded, with ancient icons. A wooden fence was mounted around the church territory. In 1831, as a result of the renovation, the vaults, the arches, the dome and the drum were decorated.

On October 5, 1923 the church of St. George from Vzvoz was closed down. Later on it was used as a warehouse. The restoration of the church started in 2013. Opposite the church, near the bank of the Velikaya River is an earth mound — a survived part of a battery dated 1701, of the Great Northern War period. The mound of the battery was built on the remains of the medieval stone church of St. George from Vzvoz.