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Church of the Assumption

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Church of the Assumption

The church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was built in 1810 on the old site of the church of the former Nunnery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary mentioned in the Pskov Letters in 1417. In 1764, the nunnery was closed down. By the beginning of the XIX century the church had fallen into disrepair, and it was supposed to be taken apart. The new stone church of the Assumption with side chapels in the name of Our Lady of the Sign and the Savior Not Made by Hands was built in 1810 with funds provided by the Pskov landlady, the colonel’s wife Anna Shishkova, the grandmother of the Decembrist Mikhail Nazimov.  

A stone three-tiered bell tower is built south of the church. In the bell tower there used to be bells from the times of Ivan the Terrible and the first Russian tsar of the House of Romanov Michael I with inscriptions presumably owned by the old church of the Assumption. 

In 1936, the church was closed down. The State Archive of the Pskov region had been located in the building from 1948 till 1985. In 1991, the building was turned over to the Russian Orthodox Church.

 The small church of the Assumption with a bell tower represents the architectural ensemble of the epoch of Russian classicism of the early XIX century.

Men’s Gymnasium (Kalinin Street, 5)

The ceremony of breaking ground for the gymnasium built by the grace of the Emperor of Russia Alexander III took place on June 3d, 1854. In 1862, a gymnasium church in the name of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky, built at the expense of the honorary curator of the gymnasium BaronAlexander Fitinhoff-Schell, was opened in the building. The building of the former gymnasium is one of the oldest educational institutions in Pskov associated with the biographies of many famous Russian cultural and scientific figures. Over the years, in the Pskov Provincial Gymnasium studied: Vladimir Obukh, a founder of the Soviet public health service and the consulting physician of Vladimir Lenin; August Litavet (1893-1984), a soviet doctor, a member of the Academy of Science of USSR; Vladimir Bradis (1890-1975), a mathematician, Veneamin Kaverin (Zilber) (1902-1989), a writer, the author of the book «Two captains»; Yury Tynyanov (1894-1943), a literary historian and a writer, Isaak Kikoin (Kushelevich) (1908-1984), a distinguished physicist, a member of the Academy of Science of USSR, Viktor Muyzhel (1880-1966), a democrat writer, Lev Zilber (1894-1966), a chairperson of the committee of the International Union against Cancer, an Honorary Member of the New York Academy of Science, a member of the Belgian Society of Medical Oncology, and others.