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Fallen Soldiers Square

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Fallen Soldiers Square

The territory surrounded by Sverdlov, Kuznetskaya and Karl Max Streets has an ancient history. It was here where the border of the huge Pskov New Market Place was in the XVI-XVII centuries. In the old days, the territory currently occupied by the square was called Sennaya (Hay), since merchants traded hay and firewood there.   

On November 14, 1923 by the decision of the general committee of the Pskov governorate the square was renamed Zhertvy Revolutsii (Victims of the Revolution) Square in the memory of tragic events of the Civil War.

In 1928, a granite monument was erected at the place of the temporary wooden obelisk set at the common grave. The inscription on the marble memorial stone reads: «From the working people of the Pskov city to soldiers for the contribution towards the Proletarian Revolution and to those executed by the White Guard Detachment of Stanislaw Bulak-Balakhovich in 1919».

In 1934, at the request of Pskov Komsomol members the body of Leon Pozemsky, who was a founder of the Pskov Komsomol, was reburied at Zhertvy Revolutsii (Victims of the Revolution) Square. The inscription on the monument of black granite reads: «Here lies the body of a brave hero – the Komsomol Leon Pozemsky. On June 12, 1919 wounded in battle he was taken prisoner and executed by firing squad by the White Guard Detachment of Stanislaw Bulak-Balakhovich».

In 1944-1945, soldiers of the Soviet Army who died in the battle for the freedom of the city were buried at the bottom of the monument. In 1946, the remains of founders and leaders of the Pskov underground resistance group murdered in 1942 were transferred here.

In the course of time, the trees carefully planted at the square by Pskov citizens have grown so thickly that almost the whole territory turned into a park. Taking into consideration this circumstance, the executive committee of the Pskov City Soviet of the People’s Deputies by a decision of September 10, 1986 changed the name of the square to Fallen Soldiers Square.