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Mirozhsky Monastery

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Mirozhsky Monastery

The Mirozhsky Monastery, which is one of the most outstanding samples of architecture, mural painting and the Pskov culture, is located on the opposite bank of the Velikaya River, in front of Krasnykh Prosveshchev Street.

The Transfiguration Cathedral was founded in 1156 at the initiative of Archbishop Niphon of Novgorod. The story goes that the archbishop himself would go round with a wooden bowl, raising money for the construction. The decorated scarlet bowl has survived until the modern times and is now stored in the Pskov State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum Reserve.  Being one of the most ancient monasteries in Russia, the Mirozhsky Monastery, is a remarkable monument of the world culture worth UNESCO’s attention. 

The interior was decorated with frescoes painted by Byzantine artists. The frescoes have almost completely been restored and are a remarkable piece of art of the highest quality, which impresses admirers of antiquity with their bright and vivid colours.