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Petrovskaya tower

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Peter the First Tower

The Petrovskaya tower was built in the middle of the XVI century near the Petrovskiye gates. It was through these gates that the road from Novgorod brought the grand prince of Moscow Vasily III to the Pskov land in 1510. It is possible that Ivan the Terrible entered the city of Pskov through the same gates 60 years later. The gates themselves were most likely built in the end of the XV century. Though the round stone tower was not especially wide and tall, on its outside there were underground anti mine passages.

Karl Marx Street

Karl Marx Street is one of the most ancient streets of the city. In 1433, Petrovskaya Street, as it was then called, was mentioned for the first time. The street got its name after the Petrovsky End, the «End» being an Administrative Division of the ancient Pskov.

In ancient times, it was one of the main city roads. For a long time, the street did not change its direction. Solemn arrivals to the city used to take place here and at Velikaya Street, which is currently known as Sovetskaya Street. Later, Petrovskaya Street was called Novgorod Street, since it was a part of the Novgorod road.

On the 14th of November in 1923 Novgorod Street was renamed after Karl Marx. The street has recently been reconstructed and now abuts on Lenin Square.