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Revenue house of Nikolay Bekleshov

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Revenue house of Nikolay Bekleshov

Residential house (Georgievskaya Street, 4)

The history of the house dates back to the XVII-XVIII centuries. In the late XVII century a wooden house with stone vaulted cellars owned by Yevgeny Sievers was sold to Nikolay Bekleshov, a Pskov nobleman and an active service officer, who participated in the military campaign to Turkey in 1769. In 1798, he was appointed Pskov Civil Governor. In 1793, he overhauled the bought house. The medieval ground floors became a part of basement level rooms of the new house. A new wooden living floor was built over the newly formed stone building. The facades are decorated in style of the late classicism. In 1816, the house was sold to be turned into a boy’s upper secondary school. A hospital and a dormitory were situated here.

In the early XX century, during the First World War the Northern front line headquarter was placed here. In Soviet times, until 1950, the building was used by regional departments of public education. Later on accommodation and shops were lodged in the building.

The architectural aspect of the first «old upper secondary school» had repeatedly been changed depending on the purpose it served.  In the course of time the building became   a part of the city coastal landscape of the Velikaya River. It was drawn on lithographs, panoramas and postcards. The outstanding, stretched along the elevated shoreface, constructed partially of stone building with a wooden floor has preserved classical proportions, details of carved wooden decoration, strictness of architecture and at the same time vivid diversity of an ancient building.

e house was damaged during the Great Patriotic War and after restoration was used for housing. Since 1972, the Wedding Palace has been located here.