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St. Michaels’s nunnery in the field

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In the XIV-XVIII centuries here stood the St. Michael’s nunnery in the field

During archeological excavations at an area of 240 square meters at the intersection of Sverdlov and Spegalsky Streets carried out in 2018 in Pskov, remains of the medieval St. Michael’s nunnery were found.

The Old Chronicles document that a stone church of the nunnery was built in 1397-1398 at the behest of Zakhary Fominych who was a rich Pskov citizen and an ambitious construction manager of Pskov fortifications. Before the city wall was built in 1465, the nunnery had been «behind the city», «afield».  After the construction of the defensive wall the nunnery turned out to be situated within the city boundaries.

By the beginning of the research in 2018, no traces of monastic buildings had been preserved. Remains of a stone building, presumably the nunnery have been excavated, and a part of the nunnery cemetery has been investigated. A total of 250 burials dated the XIV-XVII centuries have been studied. In addition, during the excavation, two common graves have been discovered and studied.