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Sverdlov Street

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Sverdlov Street

Stennaya (Wall) Street (now Sverdlov) went along the whole south-eastern part of the wall inside the fifth ring of the fortification.  In the south the street began at the Intersession tower near the Velikaya River and led to the north-east along the defensive wall to the St. Nickolas monastery situated near the Pskova River. To put up ramparts during the Great Northern War, Peter the First ordered to cover up the monastery with sand.    

At the intersection of the wall with the main streets leading out of the city had been towers and gates which were later taken to pieces as being of no use. Only some towers have survived up to the present day. Towers and gates of the wall served as landmarks for the addresses of households along Zastennaya (Behind-the-Wall) Street. The ruins of the Svinuzskaya (Svinorskaya) tower with a gateway through which cattle were driven to pasture have also been preserved and can be seen at the end of Kalinin Street.

Stephen Bathory Breach

This is the place where the army of the polish king Stephan Bathory mounted the main attack on Pskov. The breach in the defensive wall appeared as a result of the artillery attack carried out on September 7, 1581. It includes a destroyed to the ground narrow corridor of the Svinuzskaya tower and a part of a fortress wall between Svinuzskaya and Intersession towers with a length of 50 meters. As for the Svinuzskaya tower, it was blown up by Pskov citizens when the enemies were inside.

Memorial celebrating 300 years since the defense of Pskov against the army of Stephan Bathory

The memorial celebrating 300 years since valorous defense of the Pskov garrison numbering 20 thousand people (including civilians) against the army of Stephan Bathory has been set up at the corner of Kuznetskaya and Kalinin Streets. The army had been laying unsuccessful sieges to the town since August 1581 till February 1582.

On September 8, 1881 the religious procession from the Trinity Cathedral to the Stephan Bathory breach which took place and concluded with the foundation of a memorial. The memorial was put up at the initiative of the Pskov Archeological Society and funded by local residents. According to the legend, after the end of the Livonian war the mortal remains of those who died while defending the city were buried in front of the Svinuzskaya Tower. The place was called the Bed of Honor. Later it was covered up with sand to build a rampart.