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Women Eparchy School, XIX-XX (Kalinin Street, 1)

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Women Eparchy School, XIX-XX (Kalinin Street, 1)

The school building was put up in1897-1899 upon the project of the Pskov architect Fedor Nesturkh. Together with classrooms a boarding school, a house church and flats for teachers were built.

In October 1917, the Supreme Soviet of the North Front was located in the school building. In the years that followed, the building was used to house the command of the border forces and departmental housing. The building was heavily damaged during the occupation of Pskov by German invaders and restored after the war. It is an important public building serving an educational function and a fine example of eclecticism with elements of classicism.

Detskaya Street

Detskaya Street is one of the shortest streets in the city. It runs down Sovetskaya Street up to the Velikaya embankment. The street used to be called Spasskaya after the church of Yelezarov Nunnery which was located on the street.

At the end of 1918 the house of Lutsky, which was situated on Spasskaya Street, was turned into a mother and baby home. The existence of the organization was the reason for the street to be renamed Detskaya (Children) in 1923.

Kalinin Street

In ancient times a part of the present-day Kalinin Street was called Svinaya (Svinuzskaya) since it led to Svinaya (Svinuzskaya) tower and gates of the outer city. A later name of the Street – Uspenskaya – referred to the ancient Dormition (Uspeniya) Church which has not survived up to the present days.

In April 1919 Uspenskaya Street was renamed Oktyabrskaya, and in November 1923 – Kalinina after the Russian revolutionary Mikhail Kalinin.