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Memorial complex «Eternal light»

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Memorial complex «Eternal light»

On July 23, 1974, a memorial dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the liberation of the city from the German fascist invaders was opened on Pobeda (Victory) Square in Pskov. The memorial complex consists of the eternal flame and 17 symbols of anti-aircraft weapons. In the tomb rest the ashes of a soldier who died July 9, 1941 - on the Velikaya River near the Batkovichi village. His remains have been transferred to this place with military honors.

The eternal flame was brought from Leningrad on July 19, 1974 after a rally on the Field of Mars and the very next day it was lit at the Pskov memorial. Anti-aircraft guns and a sarcophagus for the remains of the soldier were manufactured at the Pskovmash plant.

The author of the memorial complex is the Pskov architect-restorer and a war veteran Vsevolod Smirnov. Natalya Rakhmanina, the author’s wife, said about the idea of creating a monument, «When a soldier is buried, they shoot. A triple salvo of military honor. And so the idea was born — unprecedented, simple and bold. Connected to each other, they see the trunks of guns in the sky, Connected to each other, gun barrels look into the sky like organ pipes carrying the music of Victory and Tribulation up to those who did not return».