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Voevoda Shuisky Street

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Voevoda Shuisky Street

The street connects Georgievskaya Street with Sverdlov Street. It used to be named Pokrovskaya (Intercession) after the church of the Intercession and Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God. Since 1923 it was known as Karl Libknecht Street. Karl Libknecht was an eminent person of the German and international labor movement and a founder of the Communist Party of Germany.

In 2009 the street was renamed Voevoda (commander of an army) Shuisky. Ivan Shuisky was a strong military leader, whom Ivan the Terrible sent to defend Pskov from the army of Stephan Bathory.

The Intercession complex situated at the corner of the street is one of the most interesting sights of the city.   

Intersession complex

The architectural ensemble of the historic part of the Pskov city includes the Intercession tower, the Intercession gates, a part of the defensive wall, bulwarks of Peter the First, the double church of the Intercession and Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God and the Memorial celebrating 300 years since the defense of Pskov against the army of Stephan Bathory in 1581.

The five-tiered Intercession tower, whose outer circumference reaches 90 meters, is the strongest fortress of the Pskov land, and one of the biggest fortifications in Europe. By various estimates, it was built in the end of the XV century or in the beginning of the XVI century by local bricklayers, and then renovated on several occasions in the XVII century. 

The tower had been under renovation since 1955 till 1963. At that time the Intersession gates and a part of the fortress wall between two towers were reconstructed as well. In 1995, the wooden roof was destroyed in a fire. If you walk through the Intercession gates placed in the fortification wall, you can see battlements on the walls of the inner side. The church of the Intercession and Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God is situated near the Intercession tower.